Plant Magic Bundle - Video and recipes, Natural Soap Color Ebook, Infusion & Soap Batch Record

Plant Magic!

How to make both Hot and Cold Infusions with Plant Colorants + 2 never before shared (by me) ways to use the Infusions both in and on your cold process soap.

Access to the Video, Recipes and Infusion & Soap Batch Record. Save $10 by buying the Bundle instead of buying the items separately.

Not sure how to infuse plant colorants to achieve the best and brightest shades they can give?

Wanting to make brightly coloured Cold Process soap as naturally as you can without any synthetic colors?

With this video, you will no longer wonder how you can achieve these bright colors and how to use them.

During this video I show you how to make 2 batches of cold process soap – one batch using an oil infused with a plant colorant, and the second batch using infused oils on the top of your soap for a pretty effect, that uses any small left over amounts of already infused oils.

 I show you;

  • 2 new soaps from my forthcoming Natural Soap Color – Plant Magic – plant colorant book
  • How I infuse plant colorants to achieve the brightest color I can using both Hot and Cold Infusion methods
  • A comparison of both methods, and why I prefer Cold infusion to Hot infusion
  • Other ingredients you can infuse with plants and some ways to use them
  • How I soap using an oil infused with Yellowdock
  • How to use plant infused oils on the top of your soap as an oil swirl
  • Tips and tricks to achieve the best colors you can

Format: Access to a 1 hour and 15 minute recorded video, the accompanying downloadable pdf recipe (shown in the video made specifically for an International Online Conference), my ebook "Natural Soap Color" and my personal Infusion & Soap Batch Record).  

Please ensure once you download the items you purchase that you save them so you are able to access them later.

 About Jo Haslauer

Author of Natural Soap Color, Natural Soap Color – Plant Magic and guest speaker at an International Soap Conference in the USA. I LOVE soaping with plant colorants. I infuse them in oil, throw them into the lye water and add them at trace for their color, their herbal properties, and to enhance essential oil scents.

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