Natural Soap Color by Jo Haslauer - Ebooks, Books and Videos

'Natural Soap Color' Ebook and Natural Soap Color Ebook 'The Journey Continues', will both be available for purchase in this section- either separately, or as a package deal.  Due to Covid-19 I am unable to ship the physical copy of Natural Soap Color at the moment and have turned off this selection in the store, hopefully I will be able to reinstate shipping soon.  

Natural Soap Color - 'The Journey Continues' is coming!  Follow me on Instagram (Natural Soap Color) for the announcement when 'The Journey Continues' becomes available.  

Please Note: Natural Soap Color 'The Journey Continues' picks up where Ebook 'Natural Soap Color' finished. I give you as many recipes as I possibly can, with exact amounts so you can reproduce the shades of colors you see in my photos shown in the ebook.  More techniques and ideas to help achieve bright colors are featured that were not included in my first ebook  'Natural Soap Color'. You will need to know and understand the three basic techniques shown in the first ebook namely infusing, adding color to lye water and adding color at trace prior to purchasing the second ebook 'The Journey Continues'.