I was a mica fan until I discovered plant colorants.

Just like most of you, I wanted color. Clear, bright, and beautiful color to use in my soaps. I also wanted to make soap as I live - "Stepping Lightly On The Earth". I wanted to produce products that I was proud of. Products that I was happy to use, share with my friends, and, more importantly, use on my children. I also wanted to create products that were ethically indulgent.

Mica and Fragrance Oils were at odds with that ethos, but the colors .... Oh, the colors! I really didn't want to give them up, but, could I reproduce them using only products found in nature? I decided that I was going to continue to make soap in those bright and vibrant colors no matter what! I went cold turkey and gave away all my micas and fragrance oils, leaving myself with no other option but to make it work. I became driven to produce those bright and happy colors that I loved but, this time using only plant material. No micas. No pigments or dyes. No ultramarines or oxides, and no clays. Just plants.

Was it possible? Yes, it was, and,along the way I discovered that it was also the most fun I have had in my soapmaking journey! I thrive on the magic of the color morph, from red to grey to purple (Alkanet), or pale yellow to hot pink (Yellowdock). It ended up being the most exciting and exhilarating time in my soap making and I invite you to join me in the magical journey to create bright, cheerful, and clear colors just as Mother Nature does - using plants.

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A magical journey to create bright, cheerful and clear colors just as Mother Nature does - using plants.

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