Natural Soap Color Ebooks Bundle - Natural Soap Color and Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic

Receive both Natural  Soap Color AND Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic.

Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic follows on from Natural Soap Color and builds on the techniques learnt within its pages.

Natural Soap Color

Jo Haslauer takes 8 different plant colorants and shows you three techniques to get the best results for coloring you soap - naturally.  A Palm-Free recipe is included with suggested additives for each plant color, as show on the cover to get you started.

Learn how to master those elusive purples and blues giving you a truly colorful rainbow of soaps. Step by step photos help demystify the techniques used and show you the magic of coloring your soaps with plants.

As a naturalist, Jo's books are only available by digital download.  By purchasing "Natural Soap Color, you will receive:

  • Full-color photography, including step-by-step pictures of creating cold process soap using natural colorants.
  • Recipes for 8 different plant colorants as shown on the cover
  • Tips on choosing base oils.
  • Tips on using colored essential oils to amplify your natural colorants.
  • Tips and tricks on how to store your plant colored soap.
  • A digital pdf file consisting of 50 pages

Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic

Following her first book, "Natural Soap Color", Jo Haslauer has continued her quest to achieve and share her passion for naturally bright, vivid colors in cold process soap.

Jo's second book, "Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic", is a must-have resource for all natural soap makers and enthusiasts alike.

With over 200 pages of extensive content on the study of plants, both locally grown and from around the world, this book will guide you through the process of achieving stunning natural colors in cold process soap.

As a naturalist, Jo's books are only available by digital download.  By purchasing "Natural Soap Color - Plant Magic", you will receive:

  • A digital pdf file consisting of 222 pages
  • A bonus guide and color chart, "What Color Might I Achieve"
  • Full color photography, with step by step instructions on how to achieve vibrant plant colorants using a variety of infusing techniques
  • An exclusive formula for vegan and palm-free cold process soap
  • Tips and tricks for extending colors 
  • Tips on growing your very own plant colorants from seedling to soap!

Please note you need to download and save both books. Please note where you download the books to so you can find them again at a later date. I do not accept returns on this item.

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